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PTM installation

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PTM installation


I just install new PTM for two msl6030 libraries. The master can not find any slot of slave module. i press "status" on the master's LCD panel,and then check all slots but i can not find slave via master. Even though i enter master/slave on two msl6030 libraries, i still can not find slave's tape slot via master's LCD panel.
So i follow PTM installation guide and install again PTM but slave still can not be found on master's LCD panel. Detail step as following:

1.set master/slave for two libraries.
2.shut down both libraries.
3.insert PTM.
4.connect PTM cable.
5.connect scsi cables.
6.power on two libraries

Master/ slave can be displayed on both LCD panels. It looks like i got successful installation except missing slave slots.
Did i missing any step?