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Part to Order for MPC Board

Will Estes
Occasional Contributor

Part to Order for MPC Board

I need help identifying a part number to order.

We have an older 10/180 tape library, which appears to be an OEM StorageTek L180 library. The MPC board (this is the main processor card which is a very large PCB board mounted on the side of the library) is apparently defective, because when the library boots up, the HVD port on the library is inactive. The host computer cannot see the library. We have an identical robot, which when similarly connected to the same computer, with the same cable, can be seen, so the problem is clearly local to the library that cannot be seen by the host.

The only affected functionality on the MPC appears to be the HVD SCSI controller. The front panel appears to boot up just fine, and all of the local control functions on the front panel of the library are working.

Unfortunately, the HVD controller appears to be hard wired into the MPC, so I don't find a way to replace that separately.

1) Can anyone think of a way to repair the HVD SCSI functionality without replacing the MPC?

2) If we must replace the MPC, what HP part number must be ordered? What organization would sell that board as a spare part? What is the list price (no discount) for that board?

Any help in understanding our options is appreciated.
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Part to Order for MPC Board

Go and enter A5617A for your model. The available parts will be listed.
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