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Pass Thru Hub (Router, 9-port)

Occasional Contributor

Pass Thru Hub (Router, 9-port)

Without a pass thru hub can you configure a master/slave using a generic hub or switch?

I have a spare hub and switch and realised my PTM kit came without this hub.And am wondering if i can use the spare hub/switch while i get the hub from HP

Has anyone been able to do this?

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Pass Thru Hub (Router, 9-port)

I don't think there is anything special about the hub that comes with the pass-through (PTM) kit. It should be a standardd 8-port hub. Give your generic hub a try - can't hurt.

You do need the hub for the master to talk with the slave.

Also, update to 4.23 firmware (on both units) before putting them together as master/slave. If you are on 4.08 in a master/slave configuration, firmware updates will fail (until you separate the two).
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