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Re: Presenting e1200-320 4G to NDMP host (NetApp)

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Sergey Cherny
New Member

Presenting e1200-320 4G to NDMP host (NetApp)

we are running MSL6060 library conected via e1200-320 4G NSR card to CISCO FC SAN switch.
Relevant zone is configured in the switch to connect library's tapes with the NetApp device.
The NetApp can see drives.
In the NSR mapping table I can see that the Map Name for corresponding NAS device is adjusted to "Auto Assigned".
My question: is "Auto Assigned" is a proper setting for the NetApp device? Or should I rather check one from options below:
"Indexed", "SCC Map", "Port 0 Device Map", "Windows" or "HP UX".

Thanks in Advance.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Presenting e1200-320 4G to NDMP host (NetApp)

The differents map models can be selected when you create the map, Indexed build automatically the map, windows or hp ux, list the devices in different mode, you can still edit the list of the devices and create the map as you want, (like showing only drives, and not robot, or listing the nsr first, or last, etc...)
the autoassigned, is the map that by default will be assigned to any new host that will appear to the nsr.
Usually, if you have a SAN that is dinamic (if you use to add host, and remove them frequently) the best practice is to create an empty map, and set it as "default map" so new entry will not get any devices mapped,
and in that case, you can create a specific map for you netapp device giving it a specific name and put inside the drives that need to be managed by Netapp
But at the end, you are already in a working configuration.
Sergey Cherny
New Member

Re: Presenting e1200-320 4G to NDMP host (NetApp)

Thanks a lot your answer is helpful for me.