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Problem on HP Storageworks Ultrium 960


Problem on HP Storageworks Ultrium 960

Dear Friends,


I have HP Storageworks ultrium 960, i experience problem with the tape, the problem is i have made mistake inserting data cartridge, it's should insert LTO3 ultrium tape, but i made mistake inserting LTO4, and then the problem is blink on Tape Error, the data cartridge not eject, until i have force eject (push eject button 1 minutes, and the data cartdige out, but the ribbon cut off and leaves the ribbon inside. I  the tape and pull out all ribbon, after all clear i insert the right data cartridge LTO3. Tape insert normally but and then out again, this continuosly, i check inside (i have take a part the case) and see the process inside, the ribbon/tape not pull by the mechanic to the disc.

Is there suggestion for us how to resolve the problem? or maybe some component have break cause of miss inserting data cartridge?


I appreciate for the answer and suggestion


Best regards,