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Problem with DDS 3 tape drive

Jeff Lewis_3
Occasional Contributor

Problem with DDS 3 tape drive

I don't know how this happened but our HP3000 running MPE/IX 6.5 with an internal DDS3 tape drive has engaged as if the tape was in the drive, but it is not. Cannot insert a tape, and hitting the eject has no effect. I was going to take down the HP3000 and bring it back up to see if it releases, but would rather not. SHOWDEV shows tape drive avail. Any ideas.



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Occasional Contributor

Re: Problem with DDS 3 tape drive

This happened to me once. Try one of two things:

1- load a cleaning tape and let it cycle. if
light is still on ,

2- load a tape cartridge, let it load and then press and hold the eject button for about 6 secs. This should reset and eject the tape.

Hope it helps.