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Problem with DLT7000

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Michael Campbell
Trusted Contributor

Problem with DLT7000


I have an external DLT7000 tape drive on it's own SCSI bus. The lights on the drive are on but I cannot eject the tape. Would it be OK to power off this drive and power it back on to reset it?


Pete Devlin
Valued Contributor

Re: Problem with DLT7000

If this drive is hot swappable then it is OK to power it down & back up.
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with DLT7000


Yes you can. After doing this, make sure you do ioscan -fnC tape so that your HP-UX can again see the tape drive.

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Nick Wickens
Respected Contributor

Re: Problem with DLT7000

The key is really that its the only device on the SCSI bus so you will be ok as long as no one tries to address the device whilst its powered off.

HP Engineers normally insist on system being down for replacement of drives so if its external on its own bus (or even if the other devices on the bus are all tape units that you can quarantee will have no data on the bus) then I just power them down and stick a terminator on the SCSI card.
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