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Re: Problem with Data Protector Express 3.5 SP2

Ken Ng
New Member

Problem with Data Protector Express 3.5 SP2

I've try the backup on the Data Protector Express 3.5 SP2 but it keep shows me the error 1040(Pls See the attach photo) i have try format the tape/ erase the tape but the same error occur. So is there anything i can do to solve this problem ?
D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: Problem with Data Protector Express 3.5 SP2

Hi Ken:

Error 1040 indicates that there is a tape drive communication problem. This can be because the tape drive is offline due to a previously caused error condition, or DPX services no longer sees the tape drive correctly.

1. stop and then start Data Protector Express services

2. if step 1 does not solve your problem, then power cycle the tape and/or reboot your server machine

It is recommended that you setup the DPX "Format mode:" to "Format blank media only" on the "Device/Media" page of your backup job properties.

Also, quick erase your tape media before begining your backup job.

Always remember DPX will not "write" to a tape cartridge unless it selected by the backup job properties page on the "Device/media" page and/or if the tape cartridge is not already blank or quick erased.

You can set the "Write mode:" to "Overwrite all media" only if DPX recognizes the tape cartridge as being a selected media for your backup job properties.