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Problem with HP C1537A Tape Drive in Win XP

Mike Arcidiacono
Occasional Visitor

Problem with HP C1537A Tape Drive in Win XP

Can someone please help me?

I installed an HP C1537A Tape Drive on an XP system.

The Drive DOES show up under Device Manager as a Tape Drive.

The Drive DOES NOT show up as a logical drive, like c:, d: etc.

When I run the XP "Backup" utility, the drive does not show up.

When I tried to upgrade the firmware of the drive, it told me that it could not find the device. (I used the HP utility for this drive)

Is there a "special" backup software I need to run to use this drive? Is that why I cant access it?

Any ideas would be appreciated. I'm at the end of my rope.


Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with HP C1537A Tape Drive in Win XP

you will not be able to access tape drive as logical drive. Tape devices are managed by either built-in NT backup utility of 3rd party backup software (like Arcserve, Omniback, Tapeware, etc).
To make drive visible in NT backup check the status of RSM service (Removable Storage Manager).
As soon as OS sees drive (as you stated) it should be seen by HP LTT (I guess you used this utility) and you'll be able to generate support ticket for it and attach it to your next reply
Joey Jackson
Frequent Advisor

Re: Problem with HP C1537A Tape Drive in Win XP

HP L&TT should stil see the drive even with RMS service running. Please check all connections SCSI configuration and also download the latest drivers if you haven't already done so. If the drive can't be seen, you can't do anything, regardless of the aplication.

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