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Problem with ULTRIUM2 attached to NAS2000S storage server

Max Sorokin
Regular Advisor

Problem with ULTRIUM2 attached to NAS2000S storage server

Hi All,

We have current stuff:
NAS 2000s storage server
MSA20 & MSA30 disk enclosures
HP StorageWorks 1/8 ULTRIUM2 Tape Autoloader

HP StorageWorks 1/8 Tape Autoloader ULTRIUM2 connected to the NAS 2000s though the Smart Array 5i controller, also we have MSA20 & MSA30 disk enclosures both connected to NAS 2000s through the Smart Array 6400 controller.

The 1st problem is:

During the backup the storage server NAS 2000s work incorrectly, sometimes on NAS work only network shared folders, sometimes all services works, but we can't connect to it though RDP.
When we disconnect tape library everything works fine.

The 2nd problem:
Smart Array 6400 display a message that "cache battery is law", we replace this battery and after 2 day we see the same message, that the battery is law.

Please help identify the core of the problem, i thing that the problem is Smart Array 6400 controller, did someone think the same?