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Problems w\ t4000s on ASUS P2BS

Willis Brookins
Occasional Visitor

Problems w\ t4000s on ASUS P2BS

I ran the 4000s on a VL buss system with no problem using an ADAPTEC 2825
controller. When I upgraded to the ASUS in stalled Backup II software on advise
of HP tech support, and attempt to do bkups everything seems to go normally
until the compare. @ 3/4 of the way through tape I got an error Tape
unreadable. I loaded 50SCSi.exe per HP tech, but won't run beacuse it cant find
Host address. Advised by ASUS via vender how to find addr. which is a hex
number D000, which 50scsi will not accept. It seems that the t4000s is usless
unless some kind of solution can be found, or I defeat the purpose of an
onboard SCSI function and use up one of my PCI slots and install a SCSC card so
I can use the tape backup. Any suggestions.



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Jaan Kold_3
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problems w\ t4000s on ASUS P2BS

- see if the SCSI cards supports a 5MB sync transfer rate for the SCSI id of
the T4000
(Controller dependent)
- Make sure the firmware is 1.10

Maybe this helps?