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Problems with C1537A DDS3 12/24 tape drive

jason seleno
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Problems with C1537A DDS3 12/24 tape drive

I am having the following issues with my drive:

- The NT (4.0) System Log reports that the device "has a bad block" and the drive will not perform backups at all.

-The L&TT scans the device and gives it a "passed with warnings" result. The warnings vary each time, but are always either a "clean 5 times. . ." or a "your drive may need recalibration", or "your firmware is out of date".

-I have updated the firmware with the latest available from the HP website and run the cleaning cartridge many times. The tape still refuses to function.

-Running the recalibration script in L&TT results in numerous errors ("Loop 8 ERT value too high. . .skip this write") which eventually lead to the script failing entirely.

The drive is out of warranty. Should I replace it or is there something left I can do? Thanks!

Re: Problems with C1537A DDS3 12/24 tape drive

I have to assume you have tried another tape. The sound of your errors is that you do have a physical repair/or re-cal required,If the drive was previously functioning. Have you tried drive on another machine or tried another tape drive on this machine to rule out problem other than the drive itself?
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