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Problems with SureStore T4

Egil Lunde
Occasional Visitor

Problems with SureStore T4

Have just moved my SureStore T4 over to another server. T4 is the only scsi device on the system. Terminated according to the manual. SCSI ID 4 hooked up to a Adaptec AHA29X card in the PCI slot.
Running HP TapeAssure and "self Test" is ok. Same goes for "Connection test" Fails the "Read/Write test"
Have also upgraded the firmware to 1.10.
Server is running on NT4.0/SP3.
Any suggestions on what's wrong?
Egil Lunde
Occasional Visitor

Re: Problems with SureStore T4

forgot to mention that when I enter the "Tape Device" in Control panel the tape drive is found and driver is loaded.