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Problems with a SureStore Autoloader 1/9

William Poel
Occasional Visitor

Problems with a SureStore Autoloader 1/9

Our autoloader, with an ultrium drive in it, fails with Hard Error Code 76, Qualifier 106 on booting.
Also, there appears to be a tape stuck in the drive with no way of retrieving it, though this may of course be a symptom of the error code.
I was wondering whether there was a solution for this?
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Problems with a SureStore Autoloader 1/9

I have no detailed documentation but it looks like error 76 is 'can not perform inventory check' error. As soon as you're telling that there's a tape stuck I suspect then it's so stuck between drive and picker and do not allow picker to move. If possible you can try opening a door and looking inside - if tape is not completely mounted in the drive you may try to gently slide the tape to the picker completely to allow picker to move