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Quantum DLT 80 ( DLT8000 ) in 5300 array slow

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Quantum DLT 80 ( DLT8000 ) in 5300 array slow

rp54xx, hpux 11.11, latest stape and other patches installed.

1MB/minute is all I can get out of this drive using a new tape ( tape is DLT IV p/n C5141F ).

Had f/w version V080, updated this to V089. No change in performance.

Anybody tackled this one recently??

Here's the HW info:

0/0/1/0 ext_bus SCSI C896 Ultra Wide Single-
0/0/1/0.3 target
0/0/1/0.3.0 tape QUANTUM DLT8000
0/0/1/0.7 target
0/0/1/0.7.0 ctl Initiator
0/0/1/1 ext_bus SCSI C896 Ultra Wide Single-
0/0/1/1.2 target
0/0/1/1.2.0 disk HP 36.4GST373455LC#36
0/0/1/1.7 target
0/0/1/1.7.0 ctl Initiator
0/0/2/0 ext_bus SCSI C87x Ultra Wide Single-
0/0/2/0.2 target
0/0/2/0.2.0 disk HP 36.4GMAM3367MC
0/0/2/0.7 target
0/0/2/0.7.0 ctl Initiator
0/0/2/1 ext_bus SCSI C87x Fast Wide Single-E
0/0/2/1.2 target
0/0/2/1.2.0 disk HP DVD-ROM 305
0/0/2/1.7 target
0/0/2/1.7.0 ctl Initiator

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Re: Quantum DLT 80 ( DLT8000 ) in 5300 array slow

Hardware issues may cause the SCSI bus to downshift the speed - chack cable and terminator.

The drive may have a (mechanical) problem too - I would install LTT, run an assessment test and pull a support ticket. This will give you more information.


Hope this helps!

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