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Questions about upgrading a legacy tape library (C5151C)

Evan Kaufman
Occasional Contributor

Questions about upgrading a legacy tape library (C5151C)

We have a Compaq C5151C DLT Library that we've been using for a while, and I'm trying to figure out if we can "upgrade" it by removing the DLTIII (15GB/30GB) drive in it, and replace it with a higher capacity drive (preferably SDLT or LTO).

The problem is, I'm not sure how to find out whether 1) we can "upgrade" it at all, 2) what formats we can upgrade to, and 3) *specifically* what model drives we could use.

If anyone could help me, even just by pointing in the right direction, I would truly appreciate it.

PS. These are all the related threads for this product I could find:

I've also attached the C5151C's product manual as its near impossible to find, even here on the Compaq/HP website.
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Questions about upgrading a legacy tape library (C5151C)

The "15 slot" libraries sold by HP and Compaq (same core product) included DLT200XT, DLT4000, and DLT7000 drives. There were some architecture changes between these models, as the DLT7000 required a wide (16 bit) interface, whereas the earlier drives had narrow interfaces. So I do not know to what extent you can update from a DLT2000XT/DLT4000 to a DLT7000 (it may require many component/cable swaps).

These libaries did not go beyond the DLT7000 drive. Newer libraries from Compaq and HP (i.e. TL series, MSL Series, SureStore series, and now StorageWork series) supported the DLT8000, SDLT, and Ultrium drives.

If you want considerably higher capacity, I would suggest looking at a new(er) library. For example, a 2U rack mount MSL2024 can hold 24 tapes and 2 Ultrium2 (200/400GB) drives.
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