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Re: RDX not working correctly on Windows 2008 R2

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RDX not working correctly on Windows 2008 R2

I recently installed a new Internal RDX 1000 onto a Windows 2008 R2 server using the latest "Continuous Data Protection" software and drivers.

The install was successful, it located the RDX unit and stated it created the first restore point.

I could see the disk activity on the RDX unit.

Even after a day or two, I am unable to see any of the restore points, or able to see any of the 'backed up' files.

I have tried to see these in RDX Manager and File Manager.

This means I am unable to recover any files ... hence currently a useless product.


Any suggestions?



edoardo murachelli
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Re: RDX not working correctly on Windows 2008 R2

I have a similar problem, on a new server 2008R2 foundation I have installed a RDX internal drive and the latest software version 3.0.512.10890 for RDX Continuous Data Protection. Just install and inserted the cartridge, the backup has started, but after several hours I do not see all the files and the RDX software tells me that the system is protected! If I explore the RDX cartridges are missing some folders or some folders are incomplete. I can not understand this behavior. Has anyone encountered same problem? Many thanks, Edoardo