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REDHAT 9 DAT 12/24 LH4

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REDHAT 9 DAT 12/24 LH4

I install rh9 on LH4 with a tape drive C1537A a 12/24 GB.
When i try to backup my data with the command tar cvf /dev/st0 /home then system say /dev/st0 no such device.
The same configuration with RH 6.1 work fine.
Can anyone help me ??????
Joshua Scott
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Re: REDHAT 9 DAT 12/24 LH4

Make sure this is the correct SCSI address. do an

ls /dev/st*

to make sure the device files are there, perhaps the directory where the device files are stored has changed between 6.1 and 9.

you may have to recreate the device files. also, the SCSI address on the tape drive may be set to some other ID besides 0.
What are the chances...
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Re: REDHAT 9 DAT 12/24 LH4

this is result of the command ls /dev/st* :

/dev/st0 /dev/st14l /dev/st1l /dev/st25 /dev/st3 /dev/st6m
/dev/st0a /dev/st14m /dev/st1m /dev/st25a /dev/st30 /dev/st7
/dev/st0l /dev/st15 /dev/st2 /dev/st25l /dev/st30a /dev/st7a
/dev/st0m /dev/st15a /dev/st20 /dev/st25m /dev/st30l /dev/st7l
/dev/st1 /dev/st15l /dev/st20a /dev/st26 /dev/st30m /dev/st7m
/dev/st10 /dev/st15m /dev/st20l /dev/st26a /dev/st31 /dev/st8
/dev/st10a /dev/st16 /dev/st20m /dev/st26l /dev/st31a /dev/st8a
/dev/st10l /dev/st16a /dev/st21 /dev/st26m /dev/st31l /dev/st8l
/dev/st10m /dev/st16l /dev/st21a /dev/st27 /dev/st31m /dev/st8m
/dev/st11 /dev/st16m /dev/st21l /dev/st27a /dev/st3a /dev/st9
/dev/st11a /dev/st17 /dev/st21m /dev/st27l /dev/st3l /dev/st9a
/dev/st11l /dev/st17a /dev/st22 /dev/st27m /dev/st3m /dev/st9l
/dev/st11m /dev/st17l /dev/st22a /dev/st28 /dev/st4 /dev/st9m
/dev/st12 /dev/st17m /dev/st22l /dev/st28a /dev/st4a /dev/staliomem0
/dev/st12a /dev/st18 /dev/st22m /dev/st28l /dev/st4l /dev/staliomem1
/dev/st12l /dev/st18a /dev/st23 /dev/st28m /dev/st4m /dev/staliomem2
/dev/st12m /dev/st18l /dev/st23a /dev/st29 /dev/st5 /dev/staliomem3
/dev/st13 /dev/st18m /dev/st23l /dev/st29a /dev/st5a /dev/stderr
/dev/st13a /dev/st19 /dev/st23m /dev/st29l /dev/st5l /dev/stdin
/dev/st13l /dev/st19a /dev/st24 /dev/st29m /dev/st5m /dev/stdout
/dev/st13m /dev/st19l /dev/st24a /dev/st2a /dev/st6
/dev/st14 /dev/st19m /dev/st24l /dev/st2l /dev/st6a
/dev/st14a /dev/st1a /dev/st24m /dev/st2m /dev/st6l

The tape drive has the scsi ID 3 .

Cab tell me how to recreate the device file ???
Thanks so much
Stuart Whitby
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Re: REDHAT 9 DAT 12/24 LH4

Well, I'm no Linux expert, but these are likely to be links to some other location. If not, an ls -l may well show you more about the SCSI targets involved. Make sure you're using the right SCSI target for the drive concerned. Alternatively, load a tape and run

for i in $( ls /dev/st?a )
mt -f $i status (or its Linux equivalent)

and the same again for /dev/st??a
A sysadmin should never cross his fingers in the hope commands will work. Makes for a lot of mistakes while typing.