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RedHat 7.1 + DLT718 + compress

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RedHat 7.1 + DLT718 + compress

My RehHat 7.1 with DLT7000 (DLT IV) failed to backup data over 40G with hardware compress on.

I have enable the compress mode on the DLT drive and command 'mt -f /dev/st0 datcompression on'.
Vincent Farrugia
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Re: RedHat 7.1 + DLT718 + compress


DLT7000's native capacity is 35Gb, not 40Gb. You would expect it to store more than 40Gb using compression, though, and I won't blame you.

But this all depends on the data you are storing. If the data is already compressed, you will only store 35Gb or a little more. If the data is highly compressible, you can store more than 100Gb on a single cartidge.

It all depends on your data. What is your data?

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Curtis Ballard
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Re: RedHat 7.1 + DLT718 + compress

If you want to verify if compression is really on that autoloader can report it on the front panel. Load the tape into the drive and then on the 718 front panel enter the "ADMIN *" menu, then the "CONFIG *" menu. One of the options is compression. That option will query the drive to see what the current setting is and report that. If you load a new tape into the drive you can turn compression on or off with that front panel option but it can't change settings on used tapes and software often will override the front panel setting so it isn't useful for much more than viewing the current setting.