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Re: RedHat & DL380 G7

Charlie Hawkins2
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RedHat & DL380 G7

Currently my DL380 G7, running RedHat 5.5 is not recognizing my 2x DAT120 tape drives.  I've spoken with HP support and all they have been able to tell me is load the module, "st".  After loading that module,  it still does not recognize the actual tape drives and the st module does not load during reboot.  There are 5 servers with the exact same problem.


The server is a DL380 G7 - 2x proc, 8GB.  It is connected to 2x DAT 160SAS's, using a 1U SAS Rack-Mount Kit via a P212.  Neither DAT120 is recognized.

Any suggestions?

Eric de Lange (MSE)
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Re: RedHat & DL380 G7

So, your config is certified,

the tape driver (st) does not load automatically so it apears you will need to recompile.


to be sure: here is the Unix configration manual. Chapter 6 speaks of Linux.