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Redhat device drivers for e1200-320 on MSL6060

Jeff Cleverley
Occasional Advisor

Redhat device drivers for e1200-320 on MSL6060


My apologies if this is the incorrect forum for this post.

I have a MSL6060 connected to a Dell 6850 running RHEL 4.5. The library and server are direct connected to a Qlogic QLE2462 card. I don't have a switch in place.

My problem is that I can see the devices on the system but I can't get the OS to assign any drivers to the controller or the changer. It sees the drives and assigns drivers to them. I see the same thing using things like lsscsi or lshw. The output of the lsscsi is below:

#ROOT ruins $ lsscsi
[1:0:0:0] tape HP Ultrium 3-SCSI G25W /dev/st0
[1:0:0:1] mediumx HP MSL6000 Series 0516 -
[1:0:0:2] tape HP Ultrium 3-SCSI G25W /dev/st1
[1:0:0:3] storage HP NS E1200-320 571f -
[2:0:6:0] process PE/PV 1x5 SCSI BP 1.0 -
[2:2:0:0] disk MegaRAID LD 0 RAID1 139G 522A /dev/sda

When I run the latest version of hp_ltt, it seems to be showing sg* files assigned to everything as seen below:

1 HP MSL6000 Series (Address: 10.0.1[1-/dev/sg1])
2 Drive 1:HP Ultrium 3-SCSI (Address: 10.0.0[1-/dev/sg0])
3 Drive 2:HP Ultrium 3-SCSI (Address: 10.0.2[1-/dev/sg2])

4 HP NS E1200-320 (Address: 10.0.3[1-/dev/sg3])
5 PE/PV 1x5 SCSI BP (Address: 20.6.0[2-/dev/sg4])

Any help getting this squared away would be greatly appreciated.


Valued Contributor

Re: Redhat device drivers for e1200-320 on MSL6060

Hi Jeff,
first want to know what is the issue you are facing, any backup failure ?
2ndly waht is the backup software you are using. ?