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Replace LTO4 drives with LTO6 in MSL4048

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Replace LTO4 drives with LTO6 in MSL4048



We have a HP MSL4048 LTO-4 SAS Tape Library.  We'd like to replace the LTO4 drives with LTO6.


Physically replacing them won’t be a problem, and sorting out the OS and backup application should be straight t forward.


I just want to know if the Library itself will support the new drives.  I know you can get the MSL4048 library with LT06 drives, but is there any difference between the LTO4 library and the LTO6 library?



HPE Blogger

Re: Replace LTO4 drives with LTO6 in MSL4048

Hi @ALgon - the product page link for the MSL4048 says it supports LTO6.  Also, page 15 of the QuickSpec lists the SKU to buy LTO-6 drives for the MSL4048.


Let me know if I can help further.


Re: Replace LTO4 drives with LTO6 in MSL4048

Okay, that's great.  Very helpful indeed.


Thanks very much.