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Replace an OLD HP SureStore Dat40i

Replace an OLD HP SureStore Dat40i


I have an old server HP Netserver LH3.

It has a tape drive SureStore Dat40i C5686A. It is failing just now.

I want to know if I can replace this drive with the part number C5686B HP StorageWorks 40i or with the part number Q1522A HP StorageWorks 72i.

I don't want to change my software or my controller. What do you think?

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Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Replace an OLD HP SureStore Dat40i

dat 72 is the new product available from this year, and it is fully compatible with cartridge written with DAT40. You will have to load the driver for this unit as it is new, but no other action have to be taken at a os level.
Related to your backup application, you have to check with them if the unitis already supported and eventualy load the drivers for them.
DAT72 will allow you to continue with actual cartridges, and to migrate to the new 36/72 Gb cartidges in the future