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Replacing DDS w/ DDS-2 drive - HP-UX

Ronnie Soderquist
Occasional Visitor

Replacing DDS w/ DDS-2 drive - HP-UX

I recently upgraded my external tape from a C1503B DDS to a A3183A DDS-2. I have a 827S running HP-UX 11.00. The automated backup in HP-UX does not work with this drive. It returns an error of "invalid media", or "no volume header found, cannot create log" This happens with new media. I have already deleted the jobs, the drives, and reinstalled all again. Interactivally, the drive will back up (50% of the time). Any ideas??
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Replacing DDS w/ DDS-2 drive - HP-UX


What backup program are you using?

I think you need to reconfigure your software to recognise your drive as DDS2, not DDS1. These drives store the data on tape differently. On used tapes, the drive recognises that it is on DDS1 format and continues to write on that format (since DDS2 is backward-compatible to DDS1).

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