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Reprogram DLT8000?

Occasional Advisor

Reprogram DLT8000?

Hello all,

I'm a software engineer who works with IT gear on a hobbyist basis, and I have a SureStore/E 2/20 and 6/60.

Some of the tape drives that I received with the libraries fail the LT&T tests, and I figured I'd try swapping mechanisms with some DLT8000's I had on the shelf with good mechanisms. But it looks like the mechanism's vectors that are printed on the top of the DLT8000 don't come along for the ride (swapping mechanisms still results in the drives failing the LT&T tests), so I'm trying to figure out how to enter those + and - values into the tape drive.

Alternatively, if there's a way to change personalities from the existing firmware to the V086/OVL3 that the x/x0 libraries require, that would be fine, too.