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Re: Restore Error 3041

Darrel Lilley
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Restore Error 3041

Hi all,
I have recently purchased a DAT72 tape drive and been successfully backing up my system. I thought that I should try and restore a file or two, just as a test in case my system dies - and....I keep getting this error message "3041 - Invalid function" !! I cant find anything in the user manual - so at the moment I am stuck.

Does anyone have an idea ??

Darrel Lilley
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Re: Restore Error 3041

Try stop and star dpe service also to restore to a different location.

I attacht a picture example.

Pablo Alvarado Siles
Pablo Alv Siles
Darrel Lilley
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Re: Restore Error 3041

Thanks for the hint, but it doesnt solve the problem. I have tried to restore to an alternative location, also after starting and stopping the dpe service but this doesnt help.

Any more ideas ?

John Courtman
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Re: Restore Error 3041

Hello Darrel,

Just started receiving forum e-mails again - so better late than never !

Had a similar problem on a W2K Server with restore using DPX and a new DAT72.

The restore drive did not have Create Owner or System NTFS permissions. Just a thought.

Old VMS/Wintel bloke - not certified yet.