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Restore to other cell

Occasional Contributor

Restore to other cell

Hi guys..

There is no problem to import a tape into cell server to restore which is made from other cell. however when I move to restore session to restore in DP5.1,I cannot see the tape's I can not restore from the tape.
so I tried to "LIST OBJECCT from Media" in restore session.after than, I can see the file system of the tape and can start restore.

Do I have to do this "IMPORT"+"LIST OBJECCT from Media" whenever I want to restore from other cell backup tape?

please help
Occasional Visitor

Re: Restore to other cell

Hi Joon

Once a media Import is complete the catalog will be added to the DB of the target cell servers. No need for a LIST OBJECTS again

Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Restore to other cell

You should do, either import or, List from media. Not both.

- Import read the content of the media into the DP database.
- "List from media" read the media into a temporary database. Use this method if you don't want the information from the media permanent in the database.