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Restoring Backup

John J McKenna
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Restoring Backup

Hi everyone,

currently i am experiencing a problem were as one of the HP servers my company owns has gone down.

i believe it maybe the hard drive controller but i am not too fussed now as i would just like to restore the backup i created on Tuesday to another server.

i tried to use the disaster recovery to restore another servers tape backup to a new server and it was not successful upon looking at it through linux it has been formatted to fat16 file system?

all that aside i would like to try and restore files and folders if possible or if i can just restore the whole backup if i am able to.

if anyone can provide any help i would be extreme grateful.

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Re: Restoring Backup

A Disaster Recovery restore must be to similar HW, and will overwrite the server completely, so make sure that is what you want to do before going forward!

Without knowing which backup application you are using -- plus perhaps OS and server model(s), it's really hard to give any specific information on doing a restore.
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