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Restoring from a specific media with Tapeware

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Restoring from a specific media with Tapeware


I try (without success) to restore a file from a specific media with tapeware.
The reason for this is that I need an older version of that file.

I have imported the media content, but I don't know how to tell tapeware to use _this_ media to restore my files. It always tells me that I need to insert another media :-(

What I am doing wrong or what should I do ?

Thx in advance.

Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: Restoring from a specific media with Tapeware

Here are the steps you need to follow to restore an older Tape:

1. Goto the Restore Tab and right click the Admin Folder and Select 'New Restore Job'

2. Goto the Selections Tab and expand your computer, then highlight the drive you would like Restore. Its contents will be displayed on the right hand windows.

3. Once you've highlighted the files you want
by placeing a check mark next to them, you will find Tapeware has small icons placed at the top of this window. The second to the last icon on the right hand side is a 'white box with a checkmark in it' you should now click that "instances" button. Here you will find the 'avaliable instances' for this item, ie the dates that the files you selected where backed up; select the Tape you would like to restore the item from and hit 'OK'. Tapeware will now place a check mark in the box for you.

Once all of this is done you can hit apply and OK. Now you will be back at the Restore Tab, double click the Restore Job to run it.


or maybe look at

If U want to; let's get technical.... :P