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Revert to earlier firmware possible?

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Chris Gregurek
Occasional Contributor

Revert to earlier firmware possible?

We have an HP 4/40 Ultrium sysem and are using Syncsort Backup Express software. After months of trouble we have realized that the software and firmware are not 100% compatible. After upgrading to E19V we now cannot read any tapes for restore even though the backups are supposedly running perfectly. Is it possible to go back in firmware? I would like to go back to the earliest possible but see nothing about this in the site. It's either that or wait for them to "fix" the software and i can't wait that long.
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Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: Revert to earlier firmware possible?

Yes, you can revert to earlier firmware. You can use to the HP Library & Tape Tools software for that purpose.

You will require a password to enable downgrading (a function that is access restricted). You can obtain this password either by contacting your HP support provider, or sending an e-mail to These passwords are time sensitive.

Once you have the software installed, and the passowrd, you must enter the password under the Options / Enable Factory Overrides menu.
Download the firmware through the Web Updates function, and then proceed to the firmware update function. With the password, you can select the 'Options' button, and there you can select a checkbox to allow firmware downgrades.

Typically files for up to 2 revisions back are available via the Web. If you require even older firmware, then this becomes a special request. However, I would suggest to go only back as far as you absolutely have to as there are important bug fixes contained in the later releases that you may want to benefit from.