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Re: Robotic Failure Code: 9B 4C

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Robotic Failure Code: 9B 4C

I have Storageworks 1/8 G2 Tape autoloader.  I got this message a year ago and simply opened the unit and cleaned the where the sled slides and the optical sensor to get it running again.


However, this time cleaning does not work.  When I open the lid, power up and run a wellness test or slot to slot test - I get the 9B 4C error.  Looking at the sled - there is not light coming from the sled bay as seen on YouTube videos.  The sled does not line up with the slots.  The sled moves back and forth about half way between the magazine slots.


My question is:  what part is at fault - the light form the sled bay - the optical sensor?  are these parts user replaceable?


The unit was working perfectly up to to this point with not changes to the system.



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Re: Robotic Failure Code: 9B 4C

Those parts are user replaceable, however they are the same part:
the autoloader chassis (including robotics).
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