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Robotic Failure Code 9E:09

Carl Richards
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Robotic Failure Code 9E:09

I have an error light and am getting "Robotic Failure Code 9E:09" in the display window. My email notification are showing:

08.11.30 17:32:44.96 Library Error - HE: invalid elevator range
Global error code: 0x9E, 158
Module error code: 0x09, 9
Current command: 0x00, 0

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What's going on and How do I resolve this issue????? My device is a 1/8 G2 Tape autoloader (uses ultrium tapes lto 1)
Olibe Babaco
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Re: Robotic Failure Code 9E:09

Hi Carl,

What the error means is

Error 9E - Elevator range of motion out of specification

Description Elevator (the part of the robotics assembly that moves in the vertical direction) range of motion out of specification
Solution If possible, check for an obstruction by powering off the library and either removing a magazine or a drive to view the robot. Gently remove the obstruction, replace all magazines and drives and then power up the library.
Re-try the last operation
If the error continues to occur, run the Wellness Test (From the 2-line front panel, select Support -> Run Wellness Test. From the GUI front panel, select Support -> Tests -> Wellness Test.)
If working remotely and there is no current operation, try reseting the product.

Probably you haven't used till now the guided troubleshooting, which is actually a great tool: 

[broken link removed 18/04/17 -mod]

Further on the issue I can advice you to remove all the cartridges from the loader -> insert them again -> then try the same operation.

When you remove the cartridges, try also update the FW of the changer and the tape drive.

If this all does not help,consider opening a case by HP and if needed they will have to do sth. on the HW.
I guess a chassie replacement will be good idea considering your issue and you couldn't succed by applying with the above actions.

I wish you luck with this and I hope when you have a resolution to post here, so we all know, how it was resolved


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Re: Robotic Failure Code 9E:09

I recently experienced this error as well. After upgrading to a newer unit I decided to dig into it and find the issue. It didn't take long to realize that one of the plastic gears that runs the carrier elevator had split and made the motion bind. I found some replacement gears (12 tooth 0.5 modulus) out of China. A pack of 10 cost me $3 shipped. Now after replacing the gear the unit works fine.


Re: Robotic Failure Code 9E:09

You can provide a link to the seller?

Thank you.

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Re: Robotic Failure Code 9E:09

I did found those gears on SERVOCITY.COM Part # RMPA48-12

You might have to drill those gears to increase the hole diameter but those gears do work on DELL TL 2000 robotics

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Re: Robotic Failure Code 9E:09


Can you please tell me where do you buy it?

Best regards

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Re: Robotic Failure Code 9E:09

Seriously. Just search on eBay.  Small gear, 12 tooth. Use a t10 torx bit to expand the center. I just did mine 2 hrs ago.