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Re: SAS within HP 1U SAS Rack Mount Kit (AE459B)

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SAS within HP 1U SAS Rack Mount Kit (AE459B)

i ordered the below 

1 * AE459B (HP 1U SAS Rack Mount Kit)

2 * EH957B (HP LTO5 Ultrium 3000 SAS Int Tape Drive)

2 * 729552-B21 (HP H221 PCIe 3.0 SAS HBA)


i recieved the Rach with 1 SAS interface board ( 012769-002) , it has 2 SAS channal.


my question is the following :


i wanna connect the the taps to 2 different servers , should i order another SAS interface board ? or i can use this SAS interface board and connect each server with one SAS channal ?





Re: SAS within HP 1U SAS Rack Mount Kit (AE459B)

It has been several years since I worked with those but the default configuration probably is still the same.


The internal cable should have a large connector (SFF8484) that connects to the SAS interface board and that connector only has 2 cables coming off of one side of that connector.  Each of those internal cables is connected to a different external port so the two internal drives are on different external ports for connection to different servers.

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Re: SAS within HP 1U SAS Rack Mount Kit (AE459B)

thanks a lot for your reply so with one rack i can connect the 2 TAPs and connect this rack with 2 different servers using that SAS controller that has 2 SAS channals .