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SAS3442E-HP Firmware

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SAS3442E-HP Firmware

I wonder if someone can help...


I'm looking for firmware files (*.fw) to flash the SAS adaptor referenced in the subject line.


It currently has the IR firmware that was shipped with the adaptor, and I would like to flash it with the alternative IT firmware.


Does anyone have any idea where I might locate these files?


Thanks in advance.

Sudhakar Subramaniam
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Re: SAS3442E-HP Firmware



You can find the firmware in the below link. choose your OS.






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Re: SAS3442E-HP Firmware

Thanks for the link.


I have subsequently been sent the following by Business Support:


Looks a little closer to the mark, but kudos anyway!

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Re: SAS3442E-HP Firmware


Sorry for using old post, but I'm search for IT firmware for 3442E-HP, and found this topic. Can't open links (DNS mistake). Maybe someone can give me correct one?

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Re: SAS3442E-HP Firmware

Sorry for the bump, but I needed this too and I figured I would share.

All legacy HP support urls that are now covered by HPE can just be swapped out, with the subdomain & domain changed from "" to ""



The latest available firmware for the SAS3042E seems to be this, released on 11 Dec 2012
Controller Firmware:
Direct link to download page:

I was able to install the MegaRAID Storage Manager 9.00.0100 onto a Server 2016 OS to perform the firmware update and manage the RAID card. The installer for this is named "ta8rad91sr17.exe". Since this management software is used to manage many LSI/MegaRAID cards from many integrators and vendors, the download can be acquired from a competing server manufacturer's website, which you can locate via a Google search of the installer's name.