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SCSI Cables for DLT-7000 (C6375-69002)

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SCSI Cables for DLT-7000 (C6375-69002)


I have a Local DLT7000 Tapedrive with a power cable, but no SCSI Cable or Terminator that I want to attach up to a PA-RISC HP9000. I'm wondering if someone can point me in the right direction to find out what is compatible with this drive as far as SCSI Cables and Terminators go so I can try to use it. I

I'm in need of the part numbers for any SCSI Cables and Terminator types.

Tapedrive = Product ID (C6375-69002)

A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: SCSI Cables for DLT-7000 (C6375-69002)

Go to Enter your model (C6375) and then "Select all parts". You will find tons of cables and terminators. The most important point is that this is a high-voltage differential (HVD) SCSI device (sometimes called Fast Wide Differential - FWD). EVERY component on the bus must be HVD including terminators but especially your HP9000's SCSI controller. Make sure that you have (or install) an HVD controller. Absolutely, positively do not connect this drive to the more modern LVD devices.

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