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Michael Acosta_2
Occasional Visitor


Okay guys here's the setup
HP Proliant DL580
(4) Dual Channel U320
(4) MSL6060 Library Units
(2) Ultium460 drives per Library for a total
of 8 drives.
HP NC7131 Gigibit Server Adapter.

Recently been recieving this message:

"The Device,\Device\SCIS\Symmi7, did not respond within the timeout period"

Source: Symmpi
Category: none
Event ID: 9

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor


EventID 9 is not easy to resolve. There is typically further information in the binary data. I don't have a decoder for Sym drivers however.

There are a lot of causes of a timeout. The most obvious is that the device at that address did not complete it's operation in time. With an MSL6060 and Ultrium460 drives it doesn't matter which device, if the device timed out but is otherwise working, the software had the timeouts set too short. Both of those will always complete the operation and return status.

Other possibilities are:
Overloaded PCI bus so HBA did not service the I/O request in time (usually a very short timeout)

Problems in the SCSI bus causing a hung bus condition.

Problems with the drivers on the HBA.

Another software application on the host attempting to talk to the device while an operation was in progress. For example sending a log sense command with a 10 second timeout while a 1 minute move is in progress. The log sense command will time-out but nothing is wrong.

If you have Insight Manager running the log sense timeout is very possible in which case this message would not indicate a problem.