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SCSI Error with TL891

Craig Gold
Occasional Contributor

SCSI Error with TL891

I have a Proliant 5500 which had a TL891 DLX (35/70 dlt) connected and a fault code 0101 unused interrupt appeared on the tape library.

Swapped the TL891 (35/70 dlt) and SCSI card from another server (which was working) but now get and Error code 6914 in Arcserve 2000 Advanced Edition.

Both servers have latests roms, service packs (Windows 2000 server)and SP4 for Arcserve. Also deinstalled/reinstalled arcserve and arcserve tape library option.

Has anybody seen either of these errors before.
Claudio Ruzza_1
Valued Contributor

Re: SCSI Error with TL891

have you disabled removable Storage service?

I believe it will be useful to you a test of your tape library with HP LTT, a free piece of software for diagnose/update fw of your library.

Choose your platform, download and install it. Stop Arcserve services.First of all check if all the components of the library are correctly detected by LTT, and then try to move mediumms from and to slots or drives. finally you can test drives with a scratch media.