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SCSI Exteral tape connection

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SCSI Exteral tape connection

this is the first time i have work with tapes and scsi as well.
Reading the forum i've read that i have to shutdown the server, connect everything and then poweron the tape and the server. Right?
My question is: once all is set up and running can i powerdown the tape while is not in use?
is there a procedure to disconnect and reconnect?
The tape is connected on the external port 1 of the SCSI controller (PERC 4e/DC), inside there is Dell megaraid on port 0 (i guess).

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Víctor Cespón
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Re: SCSI Exteral tape connection

The PERC 4e/DC is a SCSI RAID Controller.
In general is a bad idea to connect a tape to a RAID controller. You should check the compatible controllers for that drive model.

Note that there a no PERC controllers listed

If the tape is not hot-plug you cannot disconnect / power off it while the server is running.