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SCSI ID.. Plz Help!

Mary Ann P. Salarda
Occasional Contributor

SCSI ID.. Plz Help!

Some tape have 2 separate SCSI IDs, one for the drive, and one for the autoloader functions.

What if i design a system that acts as a tape autoloader and tape drive. How can i support these 2 separate SCSI ID's?

is it possible that i can assign the 2 SCSI ID's (that are supposedly for tape drive and autoloader respectively)for my single device?
Can only one device supports 2 separate SCSI ID's?



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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI ID.. Plz Help!

The way an autoloader would have 2 SCSI IDs is by using an internal bus that connects to two different devices. (Loader & Drive) the autoloader i have has two switches on it so that you can select the SCSI ID (0-7) for each.

If you are asking if you can assign both to the same ID, then no. this is the number one cause of SCSI bus problems. having two identical SCSI IDs on the same bus will cause the bus to disappear from the HW list.
What are the chances...