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Mary Ann P. Salarda
Occasional Contributor


hello everyone!!!

Is it possible that i can assign two unique SCSI ID for one device? And Can one device supports two SCSI ID's?

thanks in advance.



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Mike Naime
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI ID.. plz HELP!

Normally no. Each device has a unique ID on the SCSI bus. Most manufacturers made devices to only have one ID. This was set with Jumpers, or dip switches on the earlier SCSI devices. Today, depending on the device, you might have a rotary wheel, or a logical setting (Like on a tape library).

One Device, One ID. That was the design specs.

Now, at the system level (Depending on the OS) it might be possible to define one device to logically appear as another physical device in order to fool some old hard-coded applications.
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Joshua Scott
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI ID.. plz HELP!

I guess it would be theoretically possible, if a device were designed that way. I know that some tape autoloaders have 2 separate SCSI IDs, one for the drive, and one for the autoloader functions. I don't see any reason for this, however. the specifications of SCSI are 1 device to one ID.
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Chanler Childs
Frequent Advisor

Re: SCSI ID.. plz HELP!

Normally the manufacturer would use multiple LUN's to make a device appear as several devices. I know of no way to add or remove support for multiple ID's or LUN's, however.