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SCSI Port Errors ID15 Arcserve Error E6300

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

SCSI Port Errors ID15 Arcserve Error E6300

I have some problem on a Proliant 6400R with Arcserve and Autoloader while doing the backup.

Sometimes we got the following error messages
Event Log: ID15
Src: cpq32fs2.sys
"The device \Device\ScsiPort2, is not ready for access yet"

At the same time in Arcserver activity log i find the entry:
"E6300 WinNT SCSI Port Error 8ABSL: 2051 CMD: 4Dh] SCSI Command Retry"
To change this state only a reboot helps...

The autoloader is connected to a internal SCSI adapter.

Anyone have the same problems or knows how to solve the problem?

Best regards Thomas
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: SCSI Port Errors ID15 Arcserve Error E6300

Hi there - this looks to be the same problem I was having, which I have now managed to solve with some help from Compaq support and our Hardware support engineer who works for Synstar

Symptons were as follows

Proliant ML330
Internal Compaq DDS4 20/40 DAT drive running from internal SCSI controller
Arcserve 6.61 for Windows NT Worgroup edition with SP2A installed
NT4.0 Server with SP6

I could read a tape in the DAT drive, but when I attempted to do a backup (write to tape) the following would occur.

The tape drive would start to attempt backing up and Arcserve would display disconnecting from media and then the backup would fail. In the Arcseve actvity log the following errors were displayed :-

E6300 - Windows NT SCSI Port Error

In the NT event viewer, either of the following errors :-

Event ID5
Source CPQ32FS2
Description - a parity error was detected on \Device\ScsiPort1


Event ID 11
Source CPQ32FS2
Description - The drive detected a controller error on \Device\ScsiPort1

I first of all upgraded all the fimware and SSD components
and made sure I had the latest Arcseve Service Pack i.e SP2A

This made no difference

After searching the web, Compaq's own support site, customer advisaries and this forum I could find no solution, it appears that many people are having the same problem - (try searching for CPQ32FS2 - and look at the postings)

After speaking to our hardware support engineer from Sysnstar - he suggested that we tried Compaq direct on the Technical support number

He spoke to a Compaq representative and she was aware of the problem and suggested the following.

The Proliant ML330 is shipped with two SCSI cables - a light grey and a light blue cable.

They both have the same SCSI connectors, however the blue cable has multiple connectors as used with a drive array.

The light grey cable is an end-end SCSI cable as used with a tape drive.

The lady from Compaq said we required another blue cable and this wouldl solve the problem. She said the light grey cable was wrong and will not work with the DAT drive.

I now have a perfectly working server configured with two identical cables, one used for the RAID array on it's own SCSI controller and the other cable used for the DAT drive using the internal SCSI controller.

The cable you require is as follows

Part no. 176607-001
Description - light blue in appearance
SPS -cable, Ultra2 SCSI LVD

I suggest you speak to Caroline at Compaq server tech support in the UK.

Hope this helps


Phil White (CNE) - ITnet plc
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: SCSI Port Errors ID15 Arcserve Error E6300

Hi, upgrade drivers SCSI integrate at last version use Smart Start 5.30 or Compaq 32-Bit SCSI Controller Driver for Windows 2000 CP001588.EXE

Braulio Sanchez

Re: SCSI Port Errors ID15 Arcserve Error E6300

I had this same problem recently. An upgrade to the Adaptec SCSI driver fixed the problem. The driver on the system was the original Win2K driver that shipped with Windows 2000 Server. The new drivers, obtained from the Adaptec website, resolved the issue.