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SCSI termination not found

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SCSI termination not found

during boot after the press ctrl-a line comes a message:
29160LP A at slot 01, 00:02:00 - SCSI termination not fond

and the system hangs.

conds are: ibm xseries 335 with aditional 29160 adapter, connected to external DAT24 with terminator.
all terminators tested bring the same result.
without terminator the controller bios recognizes C1537A, the system boots, and tar brings no errors.

can anyone give a declaration of this behavior,
and if possible a hint, what must be done
that the dat24 drive works as described in docu?

tnx in advance, bernd salzmann.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI termination not found

29160LP have anexternal connector 68 pin HD or VHD (do not remember well) and is a Wide bus (16 bits) LVD
DAT 24 is a Single Ended with Narrow bus (8 Bits)
The problem is that if you connnect such a device to the 68 bits, you terminate only the first 8 bits of the bus, leaving the higher part disconnected. in this case the HBA saw that there is some kind of error on the bus and show you the error.
In order to work you need to attach a special cable (if it exist for VHD, I know it exist for HD) with higher bits terminated, so that you can attact the Narrow device on the lowest bits and attach the terminator on the external DAT.
Also, you need a SE terminator or a LVD/SE multimode terminator for this device
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: SCSI termination not found

I forgot,

If you can found an old Adaptec 2940, it may be cheaper than the special cable, and would support the DAT 24 with narrow bus and SE mode