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SCSI throughput

Ludwig Zammit
Occasional Contributor

SCSI throughput

Is there any way to monitor SCSI device throughput via Performance Monitor on Windows 2000?
Claudio Ruzza_1
Valued Contributor

Re: SCSI throughput

I dont know
If you have a device supported by LTT you can use the Device Performance Test of LTT. It needs a blank media to write. It generates in the server's RAM a data pattern (in order to avoid any loss of time reading from internal disk) that's written to tape. With such a test you can check if your tape drive writes at expected speed.
In case you don't reach expected speed, you should check your SCSI card, cables, your tape drive and/or the piece of media.
With this test once I discovered that the bottleneck was the speed set up onto my adaptec card. I was dealing with a LTOI and the maximum speed reached was 8 MB/sec.

You can get LTT (free) here:

Hope it helps
Claudio Ruzza