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SDLT 600 backup speed

Milan Devani
Occasional Visitor

SDLT 600 backup speed

We are currently using SDLT600 with Backup Exec version 10 on a Windows 2000 DL380 G4 server.
We notice that backup speeds are on averagre 200Mb per min and lower. We have tried to locate the latest HP drivers (ones that come on the CD are the only ones July 04). We have tried vertias and quantum drivers but the speed does not improve. We do not seem to get backups running at 1gb over the network or even locally. Any help would be appciated
Luk Vandenbussche
Honored Contributor
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: SDLT 600 backup speed


In most cases, when using high end tape device as LTO or SDLT, the disk system is the bottleneck, not the tape drive.

Here is an useful document for troubleshooting backup performance: