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SDLT media read/write CRC error with MSL5052

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Jan Jurgielewicz
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SDLT media read/write CRC error with MSL5052

I have an MSL5052 library with 4 SDLT drives and use Backup exec 10d. I've been getting Media failure issues sporadically. The failure can occur 50 hours into a backup, then can go for 3 weeks without a failure. I only use my media (HP brand) 3 or 4 times, clean the drives, weekly, firmware is all up to the latest rev. The error shows up as a CRC error. V-79-57344-34028 - Error reading/writing data from/to the media. This could mean either a dirty tape drive, bad media, or a scsi problem. The only thing I haven't changed is the 2 dual channel scsi cards, and one forum said the scsi transfer rate may have to be throttled back. Anyone have any ideas?

TapeDrive Killer
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Re: SDLT media read/write CRC error with MSL5052

Check this link out

Pablo Alvarado Siles
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