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SDLT320 Media format

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SDLT320 Media format


I have an SDLT320 tape drive which it's connected on an DL360 server and i use veritas backupexec 10 rev5520 for backing up files and mailbox stores from my exchange 2003 server.The last days the backup job fails when the process reaches in the 200Gb, flies the tape outside and requests another tape.When i used HP Storageworks Libraries & Tape Tools to search what it happened i notice that L&TT reports the tape i used, it was formated in 110/220 format instead of 160/320 format which is the default for this device.The p/n of the tapes i use is C7980a.Any idea what it goes wrong, or what i make wrong, and the SDLT320 tape drive formats tapes using 110/220 format?

Joseph T. Wyckoff
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Re: SDLT320 Media format

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