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SDT-9000 Problem

Matt Western

SDT-9000 Problem

I have an SDT-9000 DDS3 drive in a Windows 2003 server. The server runs Backup Exec v9.1.

I have replaced the drive twice now but contine to have the same problem.

Problem 1 - When I put a new tape in for the nights backup, it ejects straight away as if it never even fully inserts.

Problem 2 - I ran the HP Storageworks Library and Tape Tools v3.5 SR2 diags on the drive and it came up with a failure during the Media Analysis test:

Drive reported unrevovered I/O error condition test phase cannot proceed. I/O excpetion (sense key 3 Sense code 0x1100 - Unrecovred read error). SCSI cmd I/O @ 3/0.3.0 space

Problem 3 - During the read/write test, the drive continually ejected the cleaning tape (100+ times) and I had to cancel the test.

I don't think the problem is the drive, but then again???

All help greatly appreciated.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: SDT-9000 Problem

Problem 1- be sure to format/inizialize the new tape with you backup sw before to use it, or it will be ejected because of unknown format
problem 2-If the media is not formatted and ther is no data on it, you cannot perform a media analysis test because this test read data on tape.
problem 3- if ltt fail read/write test, and ask for cleaning cartridge, this is because the head of the drive is not able to write /read on the specific tape.

Or you got a bad drive or you get bad tapes. You can run the media validation test(That is a non destructive test) on old written tapes to identify if the problem is with new tapes or with new drive