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SNMP & MSL5026

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SNMP & MSL5026

I want to turn off the SNMP on my MSL 5026.

when I logon to the MSL5026 via the http service. I logon as Level 2 (If I log on with Level 1 I canty access the function menu), I click on the "Setup" and then "Notification" If I try to change any of the snmp value, I get the following message

"Registry Data posted with no errs"

When I click back into the notifications section It still remains the same, (See snmp.jpg attachment) public

SNMP Generic X

Informational X

Warning X

Critical X

Is there a way to turn snmp off or a way to be able to change the snmp settings?
Wei Jung
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Re: SNMP & MSL5026

You cannot disable the SNMP off, but you can actually restrict the trap in your server in order to not accept messages from the library.

To avoid the multiple messages you can also disabled the HP "SCSI Information" agent.

Go to Control Panel -> HP Management Agents
In the services tab, remove SCSI information to the Inactive agents list.

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Re: SNMP & MSL5026

Is it possible to change community name from "Public" to something else?