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SSL 1016 - Device going offline

Alex Pearce
Occasional Contributor

SSL 1016 - Device going offline

Server: HP Proliant DL560
SCSI-PCI Card: lsi adapter, ultra320 scsi 2000 series
Tape Drive: HP Autoloader SSL1016 DLT

I am having a major problem with my backup solution in which the tape drive goes offline after a certain time (usually 30mins). After a reboot the device appears back.

The scsi card still appears in device manager but the autoloader has gone. Once both devices had disappeared.

I have downloaded the latest version of the scsi drivers to which has not changed anything. The autoloader has the latest firmware as of November 2004. Can not keep the device on long enought to find out if there is a new one.

I am using Veritas 9.1 but this is currently uninstalled and is not coursing the problem.

Can anyone give me information that might help me resolve this issue.




The system has detected the following event:

SNMP Trap: 5019
System URL: http://HSDC01:2301/
Date time: 04/15/2005 08:57:56 PM
Computer: HSDC01
Source: Storage Agents
Type: Error
Category: (4)

A 'SCSI Tape Drive Status Change' trap signifies that the Storage Agent has detected a change in the status of a Compaq SCSI Tape Drive.

Drive Logical Unit # 0
Port # 2
Controller Slot # 3
Tape Drive Status 'OFFLINE'
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Re: SSL 1016 - Device going offline


1. Make sure that your using dedicated card for Tape box.

2. Try to use anther SCSI card for isolation.

3. Check proper termination.

4. Disable "RSM" services.

5. (Since BENT9.1 is uninstalled) make sure that your using OEM driver(tape).

Hope I could help,