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SSL1015 (or Quantum Superloader) + MDR

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Rob Crooks
Frequent Advisor

SSL1015 (or Quantum Superloader) + MDR

I see that some people are having success with MSL libraries and MDRs, but I would like to know if anyone has ever tried using a Superloader with an MDR. I see from the SSL1016 docs that an NSR is not supported, but it doesn't explicitly say that an MDR won't work.

Before I go out and buy one, I would like to know.
Also, I am using Veritas 10 for my Win2003 backups and their HCL seems to support the MDR, but I would probably also want to use it on my VMS boxes (using only the same SAN fabric that is).
Understandably, I could't use them at the same time, but sharing resources seems to make sense.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: SSL1015 (or Quantum Superloader) + MDR

The SSL1016 is not tested/supported on either the NSR or (the now discontinued) MDR.
The journey IS the reward.